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That's you!

Here we are 24/7 doing to grow the finest Cymbidiums so you can fully enjoy!

With these tips, you can enjoy as long as possible this wonderful Cymbidiums. On average they remain 2 to 3 weeks well in a vase.

Cymbidium as cut dislikes:

  • direct sunlight
  • The central heating or heater nearby.
  • The fruit bowl! Fruit produces ethylene which rapid aging flowers.

Immediately after purchase:

  • Remove the spray from the vial where it is in the purchase.
  • Cut one centimeter away from the stem.
  • Put the branch in clean, lukewarm water in a vase.
  • Cut each five days off a centimeter.
  • Gebruik geen snijbloemenvoedsel.

Beware of damage stigma:

Do not touch the delicate inner parts of the flower. Touching this stigma, the pollen is spread by accident. This leads red flower and thus faster wilting!

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